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Gaming Lagoon:

By user Vickvarv

Lagoon Music:

By user Slayercena

What is the matter with you guys? SO EASY A CAVEMAN COULD DO IT? That's highly offensive! Maybe you should do a little research and find out that we're not as primitive as everyone thinks we are!

tehehehehehehe i love these sites FREE STUFF :D XOXOXO

Cash Lagoon:

By Youtube user: Shaddowflame

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gaminglagoon is cool!
earn points, get prizes.

thx for the website im getting free stuff

I have to admit to being skeptical at first, but this place really works!!! I use Lagoon Music, Gaming Lagoon and Phone Lagoon, and I earn prizes in notime  CoOl!
-El Timo

hahahahahaha joel i liked ur comment